Endphase is an initiative of composers Alberto C. Bernal (ES), Johannes Kreidler (DE) and João Pais (PT). The goal of the project is to critically re-examine traditional conceptions of musical creation and performance and to create an environment in which a broad range of ideas, concepts and creative approaches can be realized, reinforced and informed by an appropriate and engaging æsthetic, stylistic and technical musical identity.

The project was initiated in early 2004, at the Freiburg Conservatory of Music (Germany), where the members met while studying composition with mathias spahlinger. Since then, the trio has performed throughout Western Europe and in China at music festivals such as the Darmstadt Summer New Music Courses (Germany), MusicAcoustica (Beijing), Sinkro (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain) and Dias de Música Electroacústica (Portugal), in the mensa (cafeteria) and recital halls of the Freiburg Conservatory, and in other independent performances venues such as Berlin’s Theaterkapelle and Madrid’s cultural centre Intermediae, as well as at an indoor pool (Faulerbad Freiburg).

Endphase projects, created with a specific venue and/or context as an essential component of the project, are presented as solo concerts, collaborative events, installations, or as “networked” performances. Laptops are used for sound production and processing (occasionally in conjunction with external sound sources), and several types of peripherals (MIDI, joystick, foot pedal, contact microphones) for controlling.

Each Endphase is a unique artistic entity created from the ground up in a collaborative environment. Various models, ideas and musical processes are developed individually and in group rehearsals leading up to the concert execution, or the “Final Stage” (Endphase in German) of the project. The result of the trio’s creative process — the public presentation of the individual project — is not an improvisation in the sense of a discourse built upon patterns of action and reaction, or on uni-directional forms, but is rather a conceptually-defined composition, which only assumes its final form in real time through improvisation.

Once this “endpoint” has been reached, the individual performance will not become a repertoire piece, nor will it be performed again. This is not to say, of course, that the ideas, concepts and working techniques of a past project will not resurface and be reinterpreted in a subsequent Endphase. Because of the nature of the project, each Endphase is not only a single and unrepeatable piece, but also part of a larger work-in-progress, positioned in time.

In February 2009, Kreidler left to pursue other projects and the Spanish sound artist and Ars Electronica collaborator Enrique Tomás was invited to join the project.


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