Endphase — Performances

The trio performs with laptops and diverse controllers (midi, tablet, etc.). Acoustic instruments or sound objects have also been incorporated into some performances. Occasionally, Endphase has had guests or performed in cooperation with other performers. Divergences from the basic technical setup and musicians are noted below in the individual project descriptions.

Click on a number to jump to an Endphase description. Also see the documentation area of the website for more detailled information about the project and individual performances.

20 • “with intent to defraud”: Graz, Vienna — LAC 2013 (9 May 2013)

19 • “Office Music”: Oslo, Norway — Ny Musikk (6–7 October 2011)

18 • “Mixed Cities”
18-1 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (linked to Linz, Austria) — Sinkro Festival (12 March 2011)
18-2 in Weimar, Germany (linked to Madrid, Spain) — Pd Convention (8 August 2011)
18-3 “Nocturno” in San Luis Potosí, Mexico (linked to Berlin, Germany and Linz, Austria)  — Festival Interacciona (26 January 2012)
18-4 in Dublin, Ireland (linked to Madrid, Spain and Linz, Austria) — 2nd Pd mini-Con (11 May 2012)

17 • Germany and Norway
17-1 in Freiburg — Mehrklang Festival 2010 (14 May 2010)
17-2 in Trondheim — Klubb Kanin (28 August 2010)
17-3 in Bergen — Ny Musikk (30 August 2010)

16 • “Countdown”: Porto, Portugal — SMC (23 July 2009)

XX • “La Luna, las estrellas y otros astros…”: Madrid, Spain — Konekt@rte Festival (24 June 2009)

15 • Salamanca, Spain — 5th Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León (31 May 2009)

14 • Madrid, Spain — OffLimits Festival (23 November 2008)

13 • Porto, Seia and Lisbon, Portugal — Festival Dias de Música Electroacústica ()

12 • Berlin, Germany — Theaterkapelle Berlin (19 September 2007)

11 • Freiburg, Germany — Faulerbad Freiburg (30 July 2006)

10 • Freiburg, Germany — MensaBar Freiburg (15 May 2006)

09 • Freiburg, Germany — Musikhochschule Freiburg (8 February 2006)

08 • Madrid, Spain — Intermediae (20 January 2006)

07 • Beijing, China — MusicAcoustica Festival (28 October 2005)

06 • Freiburg, Germany — MensaBar Freiburg (20 July 2005)

05 • Amsterdam, Netherlands — Kraakgeluiden / OT301 (25 April 2005)

04 • Freiburg, Germany — Musikhochschule Freiburg (8 February 2005)

03 • Darmstadt, Germany — Darmstädter Ferienkurse (18 August 2004)

02 • Szombathely, Hungary — Bartók Festival (20 July 2004)

01 • Freiburg, Germany — Musikhochschule Freiburg (17 June 2004)

individual projects

Endphase 20 — “with intent to defraud”

Endphase 20  — “with intent to defraud” (9 May 2013)
Performed in Graz during LAC — Linux Audio Conference 2013 .

For LAC 2013, we present an Endphase based on recent events involving Aaron Swartz, and his efforts in the realm of freedom of information. The indictment of Swartz’s trial report was recorded and then grammatically and semantically analyzed. Treating each word as an individual element, this recorded text is (re)composed live to form the work using specific algorithmic processes controlled in real time in an ambisonic space.

In addition to commenting on the need for commitment to free culture, the piece also problematizes the discrepancy between an æsthetic appreciation of the electroacoustic music in the work and the harsh reality of the textual content.

“Intent to defraud” is among the accusations brought on Swartz during his 2011 trial.

Performance (15 min)
Thursday 9 May 2013 @ 18h00
IEM Cube | Infeldgasse 10 | Graz (Austria)
LAC — Linux Audio Conference 2013 (9–12 May)

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Endphase 19 — Office Music

Endphase 19: floorplan of the Oslo branch of Ny Musikk. Platousgate 18, Oslo, Norway.

For Endphase 19, the group will be in Oslo to present an intertwined installation and concert performance, using the acoustic, functional, social and architectural environment of the Ny Musikk office as sound and conceptual material. In the week before the events begin, the group will analyse and study Ny Musikk’s office space, in order to gather audio and video recordings and sensor data. The collected data will serve to provide a profile of the space and its users which will later be used as the material and formal base for both the installation and the concert.

Preview Lunch Concert: 6 October 2011 @ 12h00
Sound Installation + Performance: 7 October 2011 @ 20h00
Ny Musikk | Platousgate 18, Oslo (Norway)

Endphase Workshop: 6 October 2011 @ 14h00
NOTAM | Nedre gate 5, Oslo (Norway)
Registration fee: 150 kroner (100 for students)

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Endphase 18 — Mixed Cities

Endphase 18-1 — “Mixed Cities” (Vitoria–Linz) at the Sinkro Festival 2011. Alberto C. Bernal and João Pais performing live in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) with Enrique Tomás (smartphone) walking in Linz (dur. 35:46).
Endphase on Vimeo

Endphase 18-2 — “Mixed Cities” (Weimar–Madrid).
Source photo from the “Acampada Sol”, Madrid (Spring 2011) for the performance on 8 August 2011. Photo © Alberto Bernal.

Endphase 18-3 — “Mixed Cities: Nocturno” (San Luis Potosí–Berlin–Linz). Source photo for performance on 26 January 2012. Photo © João Pais.

Endphase 18-4 — PIGS (11 May 2012)
Performed in Dublin with live participation from collaborators in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Endphase 18 takes as a point of departure the idea of interaction pushed to the extreme: part of the group performing live in one city receives data from the other member(s) strolling live through a selected area in another city. The live data — GPS position, readings of the ambient light and sound levels, short texts about the environment — is collected and transmitted in real time and used as variables which transformed and modulated sonic and visual aspects of the live performance.

Endphase 18-1 was performed as part of the Sinkro Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), where Bernal and Pais performed and received data from Tomás as he strolled through Linz, Austria.

Performance (35 min)
12 March 2011 @ 20h00
Sinkro Festival | Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
Bernal and Pais performing live in Vitoria-Gasteiz / Tomás (smartphone), walking in Linz
2-channel diffusion with live video. The two cities were linked via a 3G network.

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Endphase 18-2. As the “Mixed Cities” concept is an exploration and evocation of not only the sonorous and visual profile of a space (and its temporal nature), but also its social aspects, we felt the need to incorporate the aura of the social movements that stormed through Spain in late Spring 2011, and use it as a conceptual element in this performance.

Performance (20 min)
Monday 8 August 2011 @ 20:00
Fürstensaal, Platz der Demokratie | Weimar (Germany)
4th International Pure Data Convention (Weimar, 8–12 Aug.; Berlin, 13–14 Aug.)
Pais performing live in Weimar / Bernal and Tomás walking in Madrid
4-channel diffusion with live video

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Endphase 18-3 “Nocturno”. The nighttime character of two European cities is displaced 10,000 km westwards to construct a performance in which the silent, nocturnal characteristics of these sleeping cities, the darkness of their streets and buildings, the coldness and the interaction of these elements and the three performers are integrated into the live performance experienced by the audience in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Performance (30 min)
26 January 2012
   18:30 Pre-Concert Lecture by Alberto Bernal — Endphase and the Mixed Cities project
   19:30 Concert (02:30 Berlin-Linz)
Centro de Artes y Nuevas Tecnologías (CANTE) del Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosí Centenario | San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Festival InterAcciona (23–27 January)
Bernal performing live in San Luis Potosí / Pais walking in Berlin, Tomás walking in Linz
2-channel diffusion with live video

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Endphase 18-4 “PIGS”. As with the three previous “Mixed Cities” performances, the main concept driving Endphase 18-4 is the relationship between distant cities that share information sent in real time via the performers’ smartphones as they walk the streets of these distant cities. This time, the Endphase performance focuses on the sociopolitical relations between the renowned European PIGS — Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

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Friday 11 May 2012 @ 20:00
Dept. of Music, Trinity College | Dublin (Ireland)
2nd Pd mini-Con (11–12 May)
Pais performing live in Ireland / Bernal and collaborators walking in Portugal, Greece and Spain
4-channel diffusion with live video

Endphase 17

Video still from the performance of Endphase 17. Photo © Endphase.

As for the Portuguese tour of Endphase 13 in 2007, Endphase 17 was developed and intended for multiple performances, and was performed in three separate venues. The basic project and technical setup was the same for each of the performances:

Bernal and Pais — laptops
Servando Barreiro (guest) — live video
4-channel diffusion with live video

Endphase 17-1 was part of the Lange Nacht der elektronischen Musik (Long Night of Electronic Music), organised by Ephraim Wegner, one of a series of concerts and presentations at the Mehrklang Festival 2010 (11–19 May).

Performance (45 min)
14 May 2010 @ 21h00
Kulturpark Freiburg, Tankstelle | Freiburg (Germany)

Endphase 17-2 was a concert with works from Uktu Tavil and the duo Cloudbuilder. The next day a workshop about Endphase 17 was presented at TEKS, in Trondheim.

Performance (45 min)
28 August 2010 @ 20h00
Klubb Kanin | Trondheim (Norway)

Endphase 17-3 was performed in Bergen as a solo concert.

Concert (45 min)
30 August 2010 @ 20h00
Presented by Ny Musikk
Landmark | Bergen (Norway)

Endphase 16 — Countdown

The concert in which Endphase 16 was performed featured a number of projects selected by Pauline Oliveros through an international call for submissions.

Performance (11 min)
23 July 2009 @ 19h00
SMC 2009 — 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference (23–25 July)
Casa da Música | Porto (Portugal)
Tomás and Pais — laptops; 8-channel diffusion

La Luna, las estrellas y otros astros…

A summer evening open-air concert brought together efforts by the Neopercusión trio, Endphase, Coro Galileo and DJ Dani Martín.

Concert (75 min)
24 June 2009 @ 22h00
Konekt@rte Festival
Patio Centro Cultural Galileo | Madrid (Spain)
4-channel diffusion

Endphase 15

Endphase 15 was an audio-visual performance exploring the visual, acoustic and social environment surrounding the Casa de las Conchas (Salamanca, Spain).

Concert (50 min)
31 May 2009 @ 22h30
5th Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León (29 May – 13 June 2009)
Casa de las Conchas | Salamanca (Spain)
4-channel diffusion, live video processing

Endphase 14

The trio in Madrid for the first performance with new member Enrique Tomás.

This Endphase marks the beginning of the collaboration with sound artist Enrique Tomás, replacing Johannes Kreidler.

Concert (40 min)
23 November 2008 @ 21h00
Espacio Off Limits | Madrid (Spain)

Endphase 13

During a Portuguese tour, Endphase 13 was performed in three separate concerts, comprising a total of five performances of the same piece. To prepare the form of a piece that — for the first time — would be played more than once, different permutations of six sections were used, combined in a different sequences and durations. Also, each complete piece had only five sections in total, so that in each performance one of the prepared sections would be missing.

Endphase 13 was the final project featuring founding member Johannes Kreidler.

Endphase 10 — Freiburg, Germany — MensaBar Freiburg (15 May 2006)

Endphase 12

The twelfth Endphase was an audio-visual performance putting the performance venue and time of performance in context, incorporating the surrounding environment of Berlin-Friedrichshain into the performance materials.

Concert (40 min)
19 September 2007 @ 22h00
Theaterkapelle | Berlin (Germany)
Stereo diffusion and video projection

Endphase 11

Performance space for Endphase 11 in Faulerbad Freiburg, 30 July 2006. The trio performed seated just behind the ladder, to the right is the percussion setup for one of Mesias Maiguaschca’s works on the programme. Photo © Endphase 2006.

Remnants of the performance of Endphase 10 at the MensaBar in Freiburg, 15 May 2006. Photo © Endphase 2006.

The trio performed Endphase 11 on the edge of the Faulerbad Freiburg (an indoor pool drained for the outdoor pool season), with speakers placed throughout the venue at various heights in a more or less cube form. The audience was free to roam about in order to explore the different acoustic characteristics in various areas — in and out of the pool — of the venue.

The concert was coordinated by Mesias Maiguashca and the members of the trio performed in other works by Maiguashca on the programme.

Performance (20 min)
30 July 2006 @ 20h00
Faulerbad Freiburg (Germany) — Kunst im Faulerbad series
8-channel diffusion (set up as a cube)

Endphase 10

Endphase 10 was performed in the student cafeteria of the University of Freiburg during lunch hour. The concert was part of the concert series “MensaBar — Kultur für Studierende”.

Concert (50 min)
15 May 2006
MensaBar | University of Freiburg (Germany)
Stereo diffusion plus an array of mini speakers

Endphase 9

Sounds of the composed pieces performed in Endphase 9 concert and live sounds of people talking during the intermission were played back at very low levels as a kind of “amplification” of the sound memory after having heard a concert, of the sounds that remain in one’s ears after an intense hearing.

This Endphase was part of Alberto C. Bernal’s final concert / composition exam for his studies at the Musikhochschule Freiburg.

Sound installation (15 min)
8 February 2006
Musikhochschule Freiburg, Kammermusiksaal | Freiburg (Germany)
Audience — microphones; 4-channel diffusion

Endphase 8
Endphase 8 — Madrid, Spain — Intermediae (20 January 2006)

A hybrid project between installation and performance, Endphase 8 presented a very static situation that was disturbed from time to time during the day by very active performative interventions.

This Endphase was part of a pre-presentation of the new centre for cultural activities, in Matadero / Madrid, Intermediae.

Interactive sound installation with ad hoc performances throughout the afternoon
20 January 2006
Intermediae — Institution for Contemporary Creation | Madrid (Spain)
Audience — microphones, joystick, contact microphones and wooden planks with microphones attached
7-channel diffusion

Endphase 7

Endphase 7 took place at the MusicAcoustica Festival Beijing (23–30 October 2005). Additionally, workshops were given by the trio that addressed topics of æsthetics and programming. See the workshops page for more information.

Performance (20 min)
28 October 2005 @ 19:30
MusicAcoustica Festival | Beijing (China)
Organized by the Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC) and the China Electronic Music Center (CEMC)
5-channel diffusion
Project support — Auswärtiges Amt (Freiburg), Goethe Institut

Endphase 6

Endphase 6 was part of the concert series MensaBar — Kultur für Studierende. It was the first Endphase where both audio and video were improvised in real time. During the intermission, an audiovisual installation was prepared.

Concert (40 min)
20 July 2005 @ 20:00
MensaBar | University of Freiburg (Germany)
A fourth laptop was used for video processing

Endphase 5

After having used the space as a front-back division during the whole performance of Endphase 5, a non-improvised realistic spatialization of a ping-pong match was played back. This arbitrary connection broke the inner logic of the performance and opened up the possibility of a new discourse, in part using elements from the “ping pong” section.

This Endphase was part of the Kraakgeluiden concert series at the OT301 cultural centre. Following the official concert, there was a jam session with Uli Böttcher, Paul Hubweber (“Maxwells Dämon”) and others.

Performance (25 min) 20 min
25 April 2005
Overtoom 301 | Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Quadrophonic diffusion

Endphase 4

Endphase 4 was developed as a binary form with a Fluxus Moment acting as a fold-over. In the first section we only used samples of Pierre Schaeffer’s Étude aux chemins de fer, playing fragments that were more and more recognizable until we finished the section by just letting one minute of the original fragment to be played back undisturbed in the rear loudspeakers. After that, the fragment was folded over itself and played backwards before being cut off by a section built with radically different materials played at almost imperceptible dynamics, contrasting with the more active, concrete and sonorous first section.

This Endphase was part of João Pais’ final concert / composition exam for his studies at the Musikhochschule Freiburg.

Performance (8 min)
8 February 2005
Musikhochschule Freiburg (Germany), Kammermusiksaal
Quadrophonic diffusion

Endphase 3
Endphase 3 — Darmstadt, Germany — Darmstädter Ferienkurse (18 August 2004)

Performance of Endphase 3 at the 2004 Darmstädter Ferienkurse, 18 August 2004. Left to right: Pais, Bernal, Kreidler. Photo © Endphase 2004.

Performed in a concert for the Phonien Workshop (a project of the Darmstadt summer courses), Endphase 3 was the last performance where miked instruments were the main sound generators and controllers. The beginning of this performance is very significative because of its “Fluxus” character, in which three minutes of mechanical repetitions are performed, breaking with the habitual free and heterogeneous build-up beginnings typical to so many improvisations.

Performance (18 min) 20 min
18 August 2004
42. Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (Germany), Kunsthalle Darmstadt
Quadrophonic diffusion

Endphase 2

Endphase 2 was part of the electronic workshop of Mesias Maiguashca (Freiburg) and Volker Böhm (Basel) at the Bartók Festival. This was the first Endphase with multichannel audio.

Performance (25 min) 20 min
20 July 2004
International Bartók Seminar and Festival, Szombathely (Hungary)
Quadrophonic diffusion

Endphase 1

The first Endphase performance was the result of several months of regular rehearsals, which served to test out very different performance techniques and directions, and to develop our technical and æsthetic directions. The instrumental formation for Endphase 1 through 3 was set here, with each player using processed instruments as the main sound generator (and sometimes, also as a controller).

Five independent pieces were developed, each characterized by a very concrete musical idea or situation: confrontation with existing layers, clear transitions of materials, densities vs. intensities, developing variations of several elements.

Concert (total 30 min in 5 parts: 6+8+6+3+9 min)
17 June 2004
Musikhochschule Freiburg (Germany), Kleiner Saal


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