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Endphase 20 — “with intent to defraud”

Endphase 20  — “with intent to defraud” (9 May 2013)
Performed in Graz during LAC — Linux Audio Conference 2013 .

For LAC 2013, we present an Endphase based on recent events involving Aaron Swartz, and his efforts in the realm of freedom of information. The indictment of Swartz’s trial report was recorded and then grammatically and semantically analyzed. Treating each word as an individual element, this recorded text is (re)composed live to form the work using specific algorithmic processes controlled in real time in an ambisonic space.

In addition to commenting on the need for commitment to free culture, the piece also problematizes the discrepancy between an æsthetic appreciation of the electroacoustic music in the work and the harsh reality of the textual content.

“Intent to defraud” is among the accusations brought on Swartz during his 2011 trial.

Performance (15 min)
Thursday 9 May 2013 @ 18h00
IEM Cube | Infeldgasse 10 | Graz (Austria)
LAC — Linux Audio Conference 2013 (9–12 May)

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Endphase 19 — Office Music

Preview Lunch Concert: 6 October 2011 @ 12h00
Performance: 7 October 2011 @ 20h00
Ny Musikk | Platousgate 18, Oslo (Norway)

For Endphase 19, the group will be in Oslo to present an intertwined installation and concert performance, using the acoustic, functional, social and architectural environment of the Ny Musikk office as sound and conceptual material. In the week before the events begin, the group will analyse and study Ny Musikk’s office space, in order to gather audio and video recordings and sensor data. The collected data will serve to provide a profile of the space and its users which will later be used as the material and formal base for both the installation and the concert.

The installation and concert performance are in this context two integrated components of the same project, as Endphase’s live performance will interact with the installation, which itself will run over the two days 6–7 October. This performance will not progress in the normal performer-audience relationship: rather, the musicians will be sitting in and moving between several places, thereby enhancing the characteristics of Ny Musikk’s acoustic and social space. The public will also be free to explore the space throughout the installation and concert.

Endphase Workshop

6 October 2011 @ 14h00
NOTAM, Nedre gate 5 | Oslo (Norway)
Registration fee: 150 kroner (100 for students)

During the workshop the group will present and discuss the technical and æsthetic issues that have surfaced during the week they have worked on and prepared Endphase 19 in Oslo.

The workshop is a collaboration between Ny Musikk and NOTAM and is open to all.

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Endphase 18-4 — PIGS

Friday 11 May 2012 @ 20:00
Recital Hall of the Music Dept., Trinity College | Dublin
2nd Pd mini-Con (11–12 May)

Endphase 18-4 — PIGS (11 May 2012)
Performed in Dublin with live participation from collaborators in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

As with the three previous “Mixed Cities” performances, the main concept driving Endphase 18-4 is the relationship between distant cities that share information sent in real time via the performers’ smartphones as they walk the streets of these distant cities. This time, the Endphase performance focuses on the sociopolitical relations between the renowned European PIGS — Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

João Pais will be performing on-stage in Dublin at the 2nd Pd mini-Con while, simultaneously, Alberto Bernal and three other collaborating media artists will be walking around similar environments in different cities in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, sharing and sending texts, GPS and other kinds of data that are used by Pais in the public performance in Dublin.

Contemporary issues such as the economic crisis, the impact of neoliberalism in society and in the arts, the perception of the rest of Europe and the protests of the local populations, etc. form the departure point of the debate which is at the centre of this “Mixed Cities” performance. The performance date itself (11 May) is fortuitous, falling shortly after the Greek elections and one day before the planned global demonstration coordinated by the 15M movement (whose 2011 demo in Madrid served as the inspiration for Endphase 18-2).

João Pais — laptop (4-channel diffusion with live video), Dublin
Alberto Bernal — smartphone, Madrid
Enrique Tomás — programming

Fiona Walsh — smartphone, Dublin
Kyriakos Tsoukalas — smartphone, Volos
Enrique Tomás — smartphone, Linz

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Endphase 18-3 — Mixed Cities “Nocturno” (San Luis Potosí–Berlin–Linz)

26 January 2012 @ 19:30 (02:30 Berlin-Linz)
   18:30 Pre-Concert Lecture by Alberto Bernal — Endphase and the Mixed Cities Project
   19:30 Concert
Centro de Artes y Nuevas Tecnologías (CANTE) del Centro de las Artes San Luis Potosí Centenario (Mexico)
Festival InterAcciona (23–27 January)

The Mixed Cities project was initiated over a year ago by Endphase with the intention of developing a kind of performance which takes the interaction between three persons in different parts of the world as a point of departure. For this performance, Alberto Bernal is the live and visual contact with the audience in San Luis Potosí (Mexico) while João Pais and Enrique Tomás send him various types of data in real time while strolling through the cities of Berlin (Germany) and Linz (Austria), respectively, relating to the coordinates of their locations and the sounds they encounter there. The data is used as variables to transform and modulate different aspects of the audio and visual components of the performance in San Luis Potosí.

If the first of the performances of Endphase 18 explored above all the sonic contrasts of the cities of Vitoria and Linz, and the second (Weimar-Madrid) was built upon the socio-political implications of the 15M movement and involving a walk around Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, this performance takes the time differences of the cities involved in the performance as a crucial aspect. The nighttime character of two European cities is displaced 10,000 km westwards to construct a performance in which the silent, nocturnal characteristics of these sleeping cities, the darkness of their streets and buildings, the coldness and the interaction of these elements and the three performers are integrated into the live performance experienced by the audience in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

El proyecto Mixed Cities fue iniciado por Endphase hace ahora un año con la intención de desarrollar un tipo de performance que parte de la interacción en tiempo real de tres personas en diferentes lugares del mundo. Para esta ocasión, Alberto Bernal será el contacto visual y performativo con el público asistente en San Luis Potosí (México), mientras João Pais y Enrique Tomás le enviarán en tiempo real diversos datos en un paseo por las ciudades de Berlín (Alemania) y Linz (Austria), respectivamente, referentes a sus coordenadas de posición y al sonido que encuentran, así como diferentes comentarios verbales. Estos datos serán utilizados como variables para transformar y modular los diferentes aspectos sonoros y visuales que conformarán la performance ofrecida en San Luis Potosí.

Si la primera de estas performances (Vitoria-Linz) ofrecía ante todo contrastes sonoros urbanos de dos ciudades y la segunda (Weimar-Madrid) incidía sobre aspectos sociopolíticos relativos al movimiento 15M al plantear un recorrido en torno a la Puerta del Sol de Madrid, esta nueva performance tomará como punto de partida el contraste temporal de los diferentes lugares en los que tendrá lugar. Dos ciudades europeas dormidas en plena noche serán desplazadas en tiempo real 10.000 km hacia el oeste para construir una performance en la que el sonido de sus característicos silencios nocturnos, el negro de sus calles y edificios, el frío y la interacción entre estos elementos y los tres performers se convertirán en los elementos conformadores de lo que los espectadores de San Luis Potosí podrán presenciar.

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Endphase 18-2 — Mixed Cities (Weimar–Madrid)

Monday 8 August 2011 @ 20:00
Fürstensaal, Platz der Demokratie | Weimar (Germany)
4th International Pure Data Convention (Weimar, 8–12 Aug.; Berlin, 13–14 Aug.)

Kilometro “0”, Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Photo © Alberto Bernal.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Photo © Alberto Bernal.

Endphase 18 “Mixed Cities” was first presented in March 2011, in the Sinkro Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain). While Pais and Bernal were on stage, Tomás walked the streets of Linz (Austria), from which the sounds and images served as material for the performance. Additionally, the live data collected by Tomás’ smartphone — GPS position, readings of the ambient light and sound levels, short texts about the environment — was transmitted in real time and used as variables which transformed and modulated sonic and visual aspects of the live performance in Vitoria.

For this occasion, the contact points will be Weimar (home to the 2011 Pure Data Convention), with Pais performing live, and Madrid, where Bernal and Tomás will be walking and collecting live data. As the “Mixed Cities” concept is an exploration and evocation of not only the sonorous and visual profile of a space (and its temporal nature), but also its social aspects, we felt the need to incorporate the aura of the social movements that stormed through Spain in Spring 2011, and use it as a conceptual element in our performance.

The setting is the area around Puerta del Sol, the central point — Kilometre 0 — of all of Spain’s roads. This area is one of the most important commercial and touristic centres in Madrid, and hosts some of the biggest shopping chains in Spain (Corte Inglés, FNAC…), a symbol of the consumerist conglomerate typical to so many big cities nowadays. From May 15 through mid-June 2011, the monotony of this area was disrupted as it was an involuntarily host to a generalized, popular critique of the system in the form of a series of demonstrations that concluded with the month-long Acampada Sol. The Acampada literally occupied the square and immediately surrounding streets in an outcry for justice, dignity and responsible politics. Sound recordings made by Alberto Bernal and others during this period of turmoil document the massive feelings of indignation, rage and protest of the thousands of participants.

Despite all its idealistic and utopic propositions, the Acampada Sol (a.k.a. 15-M Movement, or the Spanish Revolution) is now gone, and Sol is back to its normal day-to-day commercial activities. Will the energy invested and ideas developed during these three months return or bring about any concrete and lasting change? It is still perhaps too early to say…

Endphase 18-2 is an audio-visual performance that juxtaposes and contrasts two sonic, visual and social realities, which for a moment shared a common geographical space. On one side, the monotony, the established system and the commercial interests that usually take priority over those they purport to serve. On the other side, the energy, the risk and idealism of new ideas, and the faces and sounds of real persons, investing their efforts for a more just situation.

Over the course of 20 minutes, the crossing and intertwining of two trajectories will be explored: the path of the demonstrations and a “typical” commercial stroll. These opposing trajectories — to and from Sol — are traced live by Bernal and Tomás (in Madrid) while Pais performs live in Weimar, controlling the performance and complementing the data transmission interpretation with sounds and images collected in Madrid and at other demonstrations.

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Endphase 18-1 — Mixed Cities (Vitoria–Linz)

ENDPHASE & SIRIUS — live electronics + improvisation
Saturday 12 March 2011 @ 20:00
Escuela de Música Luis Aramburu | Vitoria, Spain
Sinkro Festival 2011 (2–12 March 2011)

This Endphase performance takes as a point of departure the idea of interaction pushed to the extreme: two of the group’s members performing live in Vitoria (Spain) receive data from the third as he strolls through Linz, Austria. The data — his GPS position, readings of the ambient light and sound levels, short texts about his environment — is transmitted in real time and used as variables which transform and modulate sonic and visual aspects of the live performance in Vitoria.

The video projection, also developed live, is based on images captured in real time from the locations the Linz-based performer passes through. It serves as a suggestive base (to the audience as well as the Vitoria-based performers) upon which the audio-visual discourse between the two cities is built. The sound material is a combination of pre-recorded sounds from Vitoria and places the performer passes through in Linz, and other less specific sounds.

Esta performance tomará como punto de partida la idea de la interacción llevada al extremo: mientras dos performers estarán en Vitoria realizando la performance ante el público asistente, un tercero enviará en tiempo real datos recogidos durante un paseo por la ciudad austriaca de Linz en el mismo momento de la performance. Estos datos (posición GPS, luz ambiente o volumen sonoro) serán utilizados como variables que transformarán y modularán aspectos sonoros y visuales de lo que en el mismo momento se está tocando en Vitoria.

Una proyección a base de diferentes imágenes de los lugares por donde el performer de Linz vaya pasando servirá también de base de sugestión (tanto para el público como para los performers de Vitoria) sobre la que se construirá este discurso de ciudades mezcladas. El material sonoro empleado utilizará una mezcla de sonidos capturados en algunos de los lugares por los que transcurra el paseo de Linz, de sonidos de la ciudad de Vitoria y otros sonidos urbanos menos específicos.

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