Endphase — Workshops

First presented in the MusicAcoustica Festival 2005 (Peking), Endphase Workshops address central technical and æsthetic aspects related to the programming of electronic music, improvisation and the performance of musics using electronic means.

The workshop is divided into four themes, each of which has been developed out of various experiences with the Endphase Project:

  1. Sound synthesis
  2. Patch Control
  3. Networking
  4. Conceptual work

These issues are addressed using the programming languages Max/MSP and Pd, and are accompanied by general theoretical and practical demonstrations at the computer. Workshop participants will be given various pedagogical materials, including several easily realizable patches (accompanied by detailed descriptions and commentary), making the exploration of each of the themes an easy task.

Other possible topics for the workshop include working with Jitter (video extension of Max/MSP), and issues of hardware manipulation (soldering, networking).

Possible languages of instruction: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
Available Operating Systems: Mac OSX, Windows, Linux

To book an Endphase Workshop, or to request more information, please contact the group at:
endphase [ @ ] googlegroups [ d o t ] com


October 2011 — Oslo, Norway

While in Oslo to perform Endphase 19 at Ny Musikk, the group will also give a workshop at NOTAM — Norsk nettverk for Teknologi, Akustikk og Musikk.

November 2008 — Madrid, Spain

In conjunction with Endphase 14, a workshop at Madrid’s CDMC (now the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical) looked at issues of conceptual electroacoustic improvisation, focussing on theory, æsthetics and performance tools.

December 2007 — Porto, Seia and Lisbon, Portugal

As part of the three-concert tour of Portugal with Endphase 13, workshops geared towards participants who are new or recent initiates in improvised electronic music were given at the Casa de Música in Porto, Conservatorio de Música de Seia and at the Lisbon Conservatory of Music.

Composite image of participants from the 17 December session in Seia. Photo © Hugo Passeira, used by permission.

May 2006 — Waldkirch, Germany

The Endphase workshop held at the “Gleichzeit” academy of the Musikschule Waldkirch was developed especially for children and amateurs.

October 2005 — Peking, China

While in China for the performance of Endphase 7 at MusicAcoustica Festival (Beijing), a workshop was also given at the Central Conservatory of Music Peking that addressed topics of æsthetics in the performance of live electronics and programming.

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